Join us in the creation of the world’s finest cruise ships!

We are committed to our mission of implementing high-quality public spaces to ships reliably – on schedule and within budget. Novel logistics solutions and cost-aware purchasing are the keys to Shipbuilding Completion’s success. The capacity of our warehouse and the shipyard’s large warehouses guarantee flexible logistics and timely deliveries.

Our collaboration with our supplier network plays an important role. We consistently develop the common operating methods of the shipyard and the suppliers. We endeavour to avoid futile, time-consuming activities and to promote efficient communication in all of our operations. By ensuring that our processes run smoothly, we enable a focus on the production of value and customer satisfaction.

We have had the honour and pleasure to have participated in long-term collaboration with partners who are proud of their profession and expertise. Interested in collaborating with us?

We are interested in partnerships in the following fields:

  • HVAC installation
  • electrical installation
  • interior design installation
  • prefabricated parts
  • interior design materials

We will gladly listen to your proposal – contact us by email: